I’m JRosemarie. Being a single mom for the past 18 years I’m intimately familiar with some of the challenges faced by a lot of single moms.

Life was quite challenging for me and my kids.

Having suffered from depression and worriying all the time, many times I was overwhelmed and consumed with anger. There were days when I felt hopeless, alone and scared.

But I managed to work my way through it all. I started a few businesses, studied and wrote.  I learned that I can push through and follow my passion. You can too.

Hopefully you will find my content helpful. I blog about my experience as a single mom. I will have articles about how I take care of my health, including special recipes I make. I will speak about sprouting and eating healthy on a budget.

I can help you to realize your full potential by showing ways to maximize strategies and opportunities to realizing your dream.  Let me help you.

Subscribe to my blog and let’s keep in touch.  If I think it will help you I will write about it.

This is not a parenting blog.  There will be no breastfeeding tips or back to school strategies (only if it’s for mom).  Instead, you will find great content on how a single mom can grow as a person and pursue her dreams.  There will be tips and strategies for getting and staying out of debt, losing weight and staying healthy, as well as how to’s on career, self-improvement and entrepreneurship.  You will learn the path to a contented life.

Some of my readers want to know more about eating healthy and personal development.  In a recent survey, over 50% of respondents wanted more content on self-improvement and budgeting.

Let me know what other valuable content I may offer you. Thanks again for dropping by.  Feel free to email me if you have questions or comments or you may use the form below. Email: coach@jrosemarie.com

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide interesting and useful content that will provide tips and strategies for successfully pivoting from mothering solo to living the healthy, fulfilled life you desire.
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