Healthy on a Budget: Sprouting

Eating healthy on a budget is not impossible.  However, it does take some thought and planning.

One way to supercharge your mealtimes for pennies on the dollar is by sprouting.  Sprouts are both delicious and nutritious.  Some of the more common foods you can sprout are peas, sunflower seeds, and broccoli.  Though there are many more.  Most sprouts are very high in Vitamin C and plant protein.20150305_075408

Why Sprout?  Sprouting is an easy way to eat high nutrient content foods at a very reasonable cost. To give you an example, organic pea and sunflower sprouts cost $5 per pound at my local farmers market.  However, growing your own sprouts take time.  But they pack a nutritional punch and are lower in cost.  Still, they are really worth the effort.

For instance, I purchased one pound of organic sunflower seeds for around $6.  That pound of seeds have produced several trays of sprouts like the one pictured below.

In addition, according to Dr. Axe sprouting enhance the nutritional content of your food.

My first experience sprouting was with sunflower seeds purchased from  The photos shows different stages of the process for me as well as one of the ways I used it in my home made vegan sushi.

Sprouts are not only cheap to grow and nutritious, they are also very delicious in salads, smoothies, wraps and sandwiches.

Start with sunflower seeds and let me know how it went.  Also, feel free to ask me a question on my experience.


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