Across Life’s Rails with Amtrak

For a while now I’ve been thinking about seeing the United States via rail.

I like the idea of relaxing while traipsing across this beautiful country digesting each scenery with relish.  I imagine taking photos of sceneries and of the cities I visit.  However, what got me really excited about finally trying it out is the fact that while getting dressed the other morning I was again thinking about traveling across the US on Amtrak. While I was daydreaming, my ears caught the tail end of an advertisement on 1010 WIN describing the beautiful sceneries you can photograph while experiencing an Amtrak adventure.  My pulse now race every time I think of taking a trip on a train.

So stay tuned.  I will be posting photos on my blog as well as on Instagram.  I will provide a narrative of my experiences of course.  I’m really excited to start.

I took my two youngest sons to Niagara Falls several years ago. We traveled by Amtrak and we had such a wonderful time on the train.  I promised them we would do it again but we never did.  I’m hoping that I can at least get one of my sons to travel with me each time I take a trip going forward. I can’t wait!

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