#Microblog Monday: Forgetting my age

I was laying in bed one morning, thinking about something.  Whatever I was thinking about, my age was a factor. But I couldn’t for the life of me remember how old I was!  At first I’m thinking 53 but then I corrected myself, no, 54. Then I got totally confused, going back and forth between the two ages, for a few minutes. Then I called my best friend to ask him how old I was!  Thankfully, he didn’t answer his phone.  I finally remembered my age, by thinking about the year I was born.  Phew!

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We are as old as we feel…sometimes its easy to forget what day it is, never mind the date and even the year..lol


So true. Thanks for reading.

QP and Eye

That’s funny! I find myself in conflict with my biological age and the age I think and feel I am. They’re like 30 years apart … 🙂 Linda


Haha! We are a special breed. Still age is just a number. Thanks.