Microblogging Monday: Mothering a photo and a song

microblog_mondaysMy eldest son came to visit this past weekend.  It’s not the first time but it seems special this time.  Currently he’s working on his first single. He had me listen to the track. While I was listening I reflected on a photo of him when he was born.  Listening and reflecting was very emotional for me. You see I gave birth to him when I was 22 weeks pregnant. He weighed one pound two and a half ounces at birth.  That was 31 years ago!

While I was listening to the song I bowed my head and rested it in my hand, covering my face.  My son thought I was asleep.  After I remained quiet for awhile, he asked me if I was sleeping. I looked up with tears in my eyes and told him how beautiful the song was. I also told him what I was thinking about while I was listening. He looked at me, obviously touched and said that my reaction said it all.

My son 20 days after birth

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