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2014-03-04 21.52.48I’m trying to keep up with NaBloPoMo.  Today we are ask to tell “How is your writing voice like you?” and ” How does your writing voice differ from you?”

This one is difficult for me because I don’t even know if I know my writing voice. Sounds daft I know.  I think my writing voice is more me than not me.  It’s sincere, I believe. I try to write what I feel from my heart.  I listen to my heart before I write and if what I write does not feel right I will change it.  I think about what readers will understand from my they will relate.  I do not want people to be offended by what I write so I will try to be diplomatic.  I want readers to understand the point I’m trying to make. However, I will not lie to get a point across.  This I think is the real me.  Careful about offending because I prefer to show love and kindness, even when I lose the argument.

My writing voice differs from me in the sense that I’m more private. Things I divulge in my writings I would not normally tell others.  Maybe because I am under no obligation to share with others. However I feel I should be honest when I write and not hold things back to look “clean”.  And it is not that I hold things back in my verbal communication with others , it’s just that I operate on a need to know basis.  Have you ever met someone on the train or in the mall and you know their entire life story in less than an hour?  Sometimes really intimate stuff that embarrasses you?  I’m not one of those women.  I have been accused by friends of hiding things but I feel I should be loyal and trustworthy and not go blabbing everything I know, just to prove I “know”.  In writing though, when I decide to broach a subject, I feel I should write in a way that readers will understand what I am saying — get the full picture of my story.  Also, I think because I am new to blogging, my writing voice may be a bit awkward at times. I have no such issues personally.

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Renard Moreau

[ Smiles ] Hmmm. My writing voice is a perfect reflection of my personality.


Thanks for your comment Renard. I’m learning and hope to become one with my writing soon. 🙂