Are You Paying Stupid Tax?

Eliminate Credit Card Debt Now

shopping with credit card

My favorite Dave Ramsey phrase is “stupid tax”.

Stupid tax is when you buy something on credit…something you can’t afford..something you “need” right now.  Then you end up paying interest for years on a credit card balance.  This usually happens, for instance, when you simply couldn’t wait to purchase that designer purse because it was on “sale”.

Or it could be financing, or worse leasing a $50,000 car when your gross income is $40,000 per year. Trust me it happens more than it should.

Stupid tax may also be paying hundreds of dollars per month for your cell phone bill, on contract when you can pay less than $50 per month for a month to month plan.  A lot of us are guilty of this, of course.

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I will continue this blog post next week.  Stay tuned for tips and strategies for getting and staying out of debt.


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